Artist's Statement

What satisfies my soul is to be a maker of things. I search for the spirit in each piece. My goal is for my work to speak of the simplicity of form through the qualities of quietness, cleanness and elegance while reducing elements to their simplest geometric forms of the circle, triangle and square.

My work has roots in the artistic movement of minimalism, but also has a European flavor as it draws upon German, Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. These influences can be seen in the use of high karat colored gold, cabochon cut stones and matte finishes. Further influences are seen in the quiet simplicity of form, the search for the soul in each piece, the use of clean lines and the endeavor to achieve a high level of craftsmanship. The German, Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics overlap in the intention of form following function.

It is my goal and hope that a piece is chosen because it speaks to the collector, that the soul of the piece shines through, and that the piece is chosen for the simple, quiet beauty. The pieces are intended to be timeless and classic, and it is my wish that they be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime.

~ Gretchen McLaren

Latest News

"As seen on TV..."
Back in February, HGTV came to town and filmed me making a pair of earrings in my studio for their televison show, Crafters Coast to Coast. Episode #241 is scheduled to air Tuesday, May 23, at 12pm and 5pm eastern standard time. For more information, go to